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SCI Awareness Month


September was SCI Awareness month!! 


Thank you to all who made SCI Awareness Month memorable, educational, and fun!

We had over 166 people participate in the events

You can find a recording of our webinars on our webinar page
We left a list of the presentations and descriptions here, so you can get an idea of what happened. 


Are you interested in being on the SCI Awareness Committee for 2021? Contact Angela at angela [at] (subject: SCI%20Awareness%20Month%202021)

Thank you so much to our sponsors!!!

MUSC College of Health Professions

Affordable Medical:

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Check back here for a list of events happening during September!

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Catheter Everywhere: Know what is Right for You

September 3rd @ 4PM

Presenter: Jennifer Ellis from Affordable Medical

This interactive presentation will give you an overview of the different catheters on the  market, so you can make the best choice for you. Bri!ng your questions


Twitch Live Stream

September 7 and 27th @ 3-5PM

Alex aka WALLSIESDGP will be streaming on Twitch 9/7 and 9/27 3p-5p EST both days. Twitch is free to use and the app is not required. 

Users can access his game stream at


Mobility City Presentation :
DIY Tips for Everyday Wheelchair Maintenance

Mobility City Upstate SC presents “DIY TIPS FOR EVERYDAY WHEELCHAIR CARE.”  During this presentation you will understand how routine cleaning can bring great value to the overall wellbeing of your mobility equipment and give you peace of mind.  Think regular cleanings are like an oil changes for your car.  The longer you put them off, the less they can do to help prevent expensive repairs.  We will cover ways you can help yourself keep rolling, but Mobility City is here to help when you can’t go it alone.  Regular cleanings will head off more serious problems before they start and keep you rolling and looking great all year round.


Techie Tuesday for People with Spinal Cord Injuries

Join us for our newest SCI Awareness Month activity with SC Assistive Technology Program staff for Techie Tuesday for People with Spinal Cord Injuries. This will be a very informal gathering for people to share what resources they are looking for.


Research Longevity Calculator Presentation

Chao Li

We are truly thrilled that three individualized tools for determining risk of outcomes are now available online.  As part of our Knowledge Translation grant, NIDILRR grant # 90DP0098, we are developing online risk calculators, where a person will enter personal demographic information/risk factors and receive immediate results. Dr. Chao Li will show about how these calculators work.

Our first calculator, life expectancy, emphasizes socioeconomic factors that include education, work, and employment. Life expectancy estimates help people to get an idea of the average number of years of life left for people with SCI have characteristics similar to them. Taking into account socioeconomic factors, the calculator shows how, in general, life expectancy relates to educational accomplishments, working, and having different levels of income. Life expectancy estimates are only general and no one lives to their exact life expectancy – some people will outlive the estimate, even substantially, while none of us is guaranteed tomorrow.

Two additional calculators focus on unintentional injuries:

Unintentional injuries:

Unintentional injuries due to falls:

Unintentional injuries are important to consider for people with SCI for many reasons. First, SCI itself is an injury, so we have all experienced the harsh realities that may follow a serious injury. Some of the activities that people do that result in the initial SCI are those that they continue to do after SCI. So, as much as we may not want to think about it, we continue to be at risk for additional injuries. In addition, some of the complications of SCI, such as pain, spasticity, difficulty sleeping, or dealing with depression or anxiety, lead to taking prescription medications. Coupled with other high-risk activities like nonmedical use of certain drugs and heavy drinking, may also lead us to greater risk of injury

Calculators now available to check out.


MCMX Adaptive Skating Presentation and interview with Tony Torres

Tony is the Executive Director for ASF Adaptive Sports in Florida.  He is also a part of the WXMX and Adaptive World Championships, but unfortunately it was cancelled this year due to Covid.  He does adaptive skate clinics and has been wanting to expand into the Carolinas. Included is a link to some of the WCMX and adaptive skating.  Tony calls this video life without limits!


Accessible Yoga with Marka Danielle

"All bodies are worthy and deserving of a personal yoga practice that connects them to their breath, body, and intention on the path to self-acceptance. Join #IndependenceNow with Marka Danielle (Certified Yoga Instructor) in making #Yoga #Inclusive and #Accessible4All. #AccessibleYoga


Accessible Home Tours
with Brian Denny, Dot Colson, Catherine Graham


SCI Clinic Presentation

This presentation will bring awareness to the Center for Spinal Cord Injury at Roper Rehabilitation Hospital. Navigating the medical system with a spinal cord injury can be difficult. Often patients find a fragmented system that does not always have the experience or right equipment to care for their unique needs. In this discussion we will provide information on this unique outpatient center that was created to serve individuals living with SCI/D from throughout the state of South Carolina by combining a variety of specialists in one convenient location.


Virtual Bingo


Adaptive Expeditions Presentation

This session will introduce participants to Adaptive Sports and Outdoor Recreation.  Topics discussed will include: What is Adaptive Recreation?  How does Adaptive Recreation differ from Therapeutic Recreation (TR).  How does Adaptive Recreation differ from fully integrated or “everyday" recreation?   Understanding Adaptive Recreation within the context of the ADA Integration Mandate.  What are Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC), why do we need them, and how do we develop them?  What are key elements of successful programs?  And how do we identify important safety issues and measure the effectiveness of outdoor recreation assistive technologies.


SCVRD Presentation : "Disability, Social Security Benefits and Gainful Employment: No Fear, Just Facts"

Presenters: Amber Lydford and Mary Harrelson

Don’t let the fear of having a disability or receiving Social Security benefits stop you from seeking employment. Discover what services the SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department offers – including benefits counseling – that will help you make an informed decision on going back to work.


Talk with the SCI Doctor - Jeff Derbas
All You Need to Know about Your Appointment


SC State Treasurer- The Basics of Palmetto ABLE

This presentation will provide an overview of the Federal ABLE Act and its benefits to individuals with disabilities and the families who care for them.  We will discuss the Palmetto ABLE Savings Program, including eligibility, enrollment, contributions and how funds may be spent. ABLE accounts are 529A accounts; tax-advantaged savings and investment accounts that allow qualified individuals with disabilities to save money without losing eligibility for needs-based benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid.


Kickin' Into the Weekend with Karaoke

Presentation on Pressure Injuries
with Susan Newman

Skin problems, such as pressure injuries (also known as pressure ulcers and bedsores) are the second most common cause of rehospitalization after spinal cord injury. In this session, learn about the causes and prevention of pressure injuries after spinal cord injury, as well as some of the latest research developments in pressure injury prevention.