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Women’s Health and Disability: Building a Clinically Relevant Outcome Measure (Adult) Phase II


This study is currently NOT recruiitng, but come back in the future for more informaiton

“Women’s Health and Disability: Building a Clinically Relevant Outcome Measure (Adult) Phase II”


The aim is to create a questionnaire that gynecological and reproductive health clinicians will be able to distribute to their female patients with disabilities to accurately determine the needs, barriers, and concerns of those patients.

What the study involves:

Eligible participants will complete a few brief surveys online, and will be compensated $10 for each online survey completed. There are 5 surveys currently available, and participants will answer questions about a variety of women’s health issues including menstruation, pelvic exams, communication with health care providers, and pregnancy/contraception if applicable. Each survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. If interested, participants will be screened to determine which surveys they’re eligible for, and will complete the surveys online on their own time. We will also send an online link for participants to complete a second set of survey retests 12 days after the initial surveys are submitted, and participants will be compensated $10 for each retest completed as well.


Who we’re looking for:

Women between the ages of 18 and 50, who have had an impairment to their mobility for at least 6 months. An impairment to mobility is defined as any physical deficit that impacts one’s ability to move around, or complete routine/personal needs independently. Any woman diagnosed with a SCI who requires use of a wheelchair or other assistive devices would be eligible for this study, and all women who are eligible will automatically qualify for at least one of the available surveys.