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Remote Wheelchair Transfer Training Program

University of Pittsburgh and the UPMC-SCI Model Center are currently recruiting for a research study to determine the effectiveness of a remote wheelchair transfer training program.  The study will be conducted entirely in an online environment.  Activities involved in this study include the completion of questionnaires and review of an interactive training module.  The transfer training program module takes approximately one hour to complete and can be started or stopped at any time.

This research is extremely important as wheelchair users transfer between 15 and 20 times per day, and if done incorrectly it can lead to pain in the shoulder, elbow and hand.  This can negatively impact all aspects of mobility.
We are recruiting individuals that use a wheelchair for a majority mobility and can transfer independently.  (Individuals will not qualify for this study if they have pain that prohibits transferring, if they stand to transfer, or if they have had a pressure sore in the last 3 months.)

For individuals who don’t qualify for the research study, they can still use the training program as it is publicly available.  It offers advice for caregivers and contains videos/photographs of the transfer techniques being used.  Everyone will also have access to a Facebook forum, to join discussions about individual transfer techniques or ask for advice.

We’d like to ask if you can promote this research study and publicly available training program on your resources online (Facebook, websites, emails, etc.) using the following contact information:
Individuals can go to to either learn more about both the research study and the publicly available training program
Individuals can call 412-822-3666 or email eak20 [at] to talk to Emily Bird, our study coordinator.