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Registered Nurses of Individuals with SCI, TBI, and/or Burn Injury

MSKTC is conducting interviews with registered nurses (RNs) who provide care and services to individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and/or burn injury. Answers from the interviews will be used for research purposes to better understand (a) the health information needs of RNs who provide care and services for such injuries and (b) their participation in research studies. To be eligible to participate, RNs must meet the following criteria:

Must have provided services and care to patients with SCI, TBI, and/or burn injury in post-acute rehabilitation settings in the past 5 years
Must have 5 or more years of experience treating these injuries
Interviews will last approximately 60 minutes. Participants will receive $125 for their time.
Contact: If you’re interested in participating, please contact MSKTC: 202-403-5600 or msktc [at]