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Pressure Ulcer Panel

Have you had a pressure ulcer, or have you been the caregiver of someone who has had a pressure ulcer?  Here is an opportunity to help direct research into pressure ulcers in a way that would most benefit us!  I have been asked to put together a 12-15 member panel of "consumers" or patients who would be willing to read through research proposals and give an opinion as to how or if this research would help the person with a wound.  The decision makers want this panel to give practical input, not on the science of the proposal but on the practicality of it to the end user - you.  They want to hear "the voice of the community".

The panel member should
   - be more than 18 years old
   - have or have had a pressure ulcer or have been the caregiver of such a person
   - be in an advocacy association (like SC Spinal Assoc) and be good at self-advocacy
   - ideally have a professional career background involving speaking or writing.

They estimate the time involved would be 15 hours per person over the course of the next year.  There may be a modest stipend, unsure at this time. 

If interested, contact Laurie Rappl at 864-915-5679 or lrappl630 [at]