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Post-Traumatic Growth Study

The purpose of this study is to determine positive changes individuals experience after acquiring a physical disability.  Completion of this study is for a student’s Masters’ thesis.

This study is examining the experiences of post-traumatic growth after acquiring a physical disability. Post-traumatic growth is defined as an individual being able to overcome adversity, in this case, acquiring a physical disability, and being able to psychosocially function in a more positive way after enduring the event.

Participants would be required to complete a pre-screening questionnaire including demographic information, the MEA Disability Scale, and the Post-Traumatic Growth Inventory that screens participants to see if they have achieved growth. The participants that achieve a score after completing the Post-Traumatic Growth Inventory within the criteria will be asked to partake in an interview with me regarding the positive changes they've endured after acquiring a physical disability. The interview can last anywhere from 45 minutes- an hour and a half.

Below is a document pertaining the Participant Consent Form, Participant Debrief Form, Interview Preparation Booklet, and Interview Guide to give you more of an understanding of what my study consists of.

Participant Form