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Breeze Peer Support Groups

Breeze - Weathering Life's Storms Together




If you do not have internet, smart phone, computer or tablet, you can still join the groups by telephone.
Below each group is a phone number. Call the number and put in the Meeting ID and passcode to join the meeting.

You do not have to just join the group in your area. Please feel free to join as many groups as you want


NEW GROUP - Caregiver Support Group
Second Thursday of the month at 12:00 PM EST or 6:00 PM EST

To join the 12:00 PM EST group:


Link coming June 28th

   Call-in at: +1 929 436 2866


To join the 6:00 PM EST group:

Link coming June 28th

Call-in at: +1 929 436 2866



Carolina Breeze Group - Led by Brian Denny

brian [at]


Group meets every Wednesday @ 1:30 PM 

Meeting link:

      Call-in at: +1 929 436 2866

Meeting ID 847 0825 6289, Passcode 206456



Low Country Breeze Group - Led by Barbara Delia

deliabarbara68 [at]


I sustained a T-10/11 SCI and three traumatic brain injuries, on Sept. 17th, 2007.  Since my injury, meeting challenges and learning different ways to accomplish everyday tasks has kept me busy physically and mentally. Being a Peer Group Leader

for Low Country Breeze is very rewarding.  I enjoy assisting others and providing resources to help meet their needs.  Comforting new and long time members with knowledge and experience from our group is very rewarding.  Going to fun events,

providing education, sharing meals, and developing friendships is what makes our group special.



Group meets the second Tuesday of the month @ 6:00 PM

Meeting link:

Call-in by telephone: 1 929 436 2866

Meeting ID: 886 5310 4715;  Passcode: 107363



Spartanburg Group - Led by Dot Colson


dotrcolson [at]


On sunny days you can find me floating in the pool. My other love is extreme couponing. It’s not uncommon for me to have $25 to $30 in coupons per shopping trip. I love the thrill of the deal! I also


can be found cheering on the USC football team or involved in DIY projects like making tufted headboards or staining cabinets.  Locally I lead the Spartanburg SCI Support Group. Also, I enjoy an empty nest since my two adult children have flown

the coop!


Group meets the third Tuesday of the month @ 6:15 PM

Meeting link:

Call-in by telephone: 1 929 436 2866

Meeting ID 892 3924 9064;  Passcode 000603





Florence Group - Led by Shane Scurry


scurrys803 [at]


I have a C6 injury and I live in Bishopville.  I'm a Graduate of the University of South Carolina with a major in Biology and Chemistry. I enjoy spending time with my family and Fiancée, grilling, cutting grass and watching College football.  I absolutely

love our group. Members say all the time, we identify more like a family than a group. Everyone displays respect towards each other and offers assistance with meetings and social events. We are truly blessed to have such a close friendship with

each of our members.


Group meets the last Thursday of the month @ 4:00 PM

Meeting link:

Call-in by telephone: 1 929 436 2866


Meeting ID 883 9102 2511;  Passcode 869777




Midlands Group - Led by Sherwood Toatley

sl.toatley [at]


Forty years ago, at the age of 11, I had a C1/C2 incomplete spinal cord injury in a freak bicycle accident. I refused to allow my high level spinal cord injury get in the way of anything I wanted to accomplish.

I started out in the workforce as a Receptionist at a local rehabilitation hospital which prepared me for my 30 plus year career as a 911 Dispatcher. I've also worked a number of years as a Spinal Cord Injury Peer Navigator for the Medical University

of South Carolina while contributing to several research grants. My career opportunities has supported his love of travel, which has taken me as far as Paris and London.

 I've been volunteering with the South Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association since 2011, and have served on the Board of Directors. Since medical retirement, I continue to serve the SCI community, and those who have given so much of

themselves towards my recovery. I pride myself in saying my “condition is not my conclusion”.


Group meets the last Tuesday of the month @ 6:00PM

Meeting link:

Call-in by telephone: 1 929 436 2866

Meeting ID 813 7528 0765;  Passcode 340410





Coastal (Myrtle Beach) Group - Led by Veronica Tario

veronicatario [at]


I’m a Myrtle Beach native who enjoys surfing, horseback riding, painting and being out in nature. For someone who takes pleasure in being active, I wanted to create a group in which I could help show folks with disabilities that there plenty of ways

to not only push the boundaries of your “limitations”, but to step outside of your comfort zone and live life to its fullest. After almost a decade of leading this group I have watched my attendees flourish and in doing so facilitated in my growth as well.

That reason alone is why I have continued this. So come join us and reap the benefits as so many others, including myself have!


Group meets the first Thursday of the month @ 6:00PM

Meeting link:

To call in to the Zoom meeting: +1 929 436 2866



Rock Hill/South Charlotte Group - Hannah Martin and Darci Pernoud

darci [at]


 Meeting location is BTI rehab 4801 Chastain Ave suite 194, Charlotte, NC 28217

Group meets the third Thursday of the month @ 12:00 PM




If you are interested in being a Breeze Peer Support Group Leader, click on the position description for more information

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No Breeze group in your area?
If you or anyone you know is interested in starting one, please call us at (803) 252-2198 or brian [at]
Our staff will provide the assistance needed to get a group going in your local community.