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Jalessa, T5-T6


The following was sent in by Jalessa:

"When my accident first happened, I felt so alone. Although there are a lot of spinal cord patients. When I went places, people stared, and I even had people distance themselves as if I had a contagious disease. That set me back and made me stay home. I wanted to just live in my little bubble. NO THAT IS NOT OK! The advice I would like to give a newly spinal cord injury patient, is things get better! Your life doesn’t stop! You can do anything you want to! You can be productive, and this new way of life maybe challenging but you are built for it! You are a wheelchair user, and this big world is going to challenge you so kick its butt! Do not limit yourself, because people are going to stare. They fear the unknown and are curious about your new way of life. When you get comfortable, and it could be therapeutic, explaining to them what happened. Show them that Superman isn’t the only superhero! Never feel alone because we all went through it in our own way. Connect with your fellow wheelchair users and be a sponge. You can learn so much and figure out things that can better your life! Lastly when someone says no, or maybe even slam the door in your face. Don’t stop!!! No means a New Opportunity! Slamming the door means, going full speed in your wheelchair and knocking that door off the hinge (not literally). Don’t stop, if at first you don’t succeed, try again because failure is not an option! You are one of the bravest people in the universe!"