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Disability and Adulthood

Participants must have a disability that was diagnosed before age 18, which can include physical, intellectual, sensory, cognitive, health, mental health, or multiple conditions that are considered disabilities. Importantly, participants do not have to agree with their diagnosis, nor do they have to be their own guardian if a guardian will consent to their participation.


Purpose: To understand how young people with disability experience the transition to adulthood


Participant Eligibility: Must have a disability that was acquired before age 18; must be 25-36 years old; must live in the United States; must be able to communicate experiences independently or with a translator or facilitator


Participation Requirements: 10-15 minute survey; 2-3 hour Skype interview (Disability-related accommodations available)


Interview participants will receive a $10 Visa Gift Card.


If you wish to participate, please contact Dalton Stevens by telephone at (309)-267-7644 or email at jdsteven [at]