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H.R. 620, Weakening the ADA

H.R. 620, passed the House of Representatives. The bill now goes to the Senate for a vote; if it passes, it will be a major set-back for the ADA, limiting the reach of the ADA regarding building (public places) accommodations.

Please read the article at the link below. It is a good explanation of the bill which passed Congress. The article explains the problems which will be created for those with  disabilities to get businesses to comply with ADA laws to provide accessibility. The ADA has been around for 27 years. The changes in H.R. 620 shows how our Congressmen see people with disabilities, and it is NOT positive!

Go to the following link to see how your Congressman voted on this very important bill :

It is important for all of us to have our voices hear. Remember, they work for us and we should tell them how we feel about this issue. Below is some wording you can use to let them know how how important this issue is to you.

To those who voted yes on HR 620:
“Dear [Rep Name],

I am disappointed to see that you voted for H.R. 620 on February 15.  HR 620 infringes on the rights of people with disabilities. As a person in the disability community, the Americans with Disabilities Act is the only protection from discrimination I have.  It represents equality and opportunity for independence.  You have chosen to side with businesses and allow them to continue their discriminatory practices.  There are no other protected classes that have to tell businesses how to comply with the law so that they can be customers at their establishment.  Please know that as a constituent, I will remember this vote in the upcoming primary and midterm elections later this year. 

[Your Name, city, state]”

To those who voted no on HR 620:
“Dear [Rep Name],

Thank you for voting no on H.R. 620 the ADA Education Reform Act.  The disability community truly appreciates your leadership in standing up for the rights of the disabled by voting to oppose this harmful legislation.  Now that this bill is going to the Senate, I ask that you reach out to your colleagues in the other chamber and share the concerns you have with H.R. 620.  We truly appreciate your leadership and hope that you will continue to support the rights of people with disabilities.

Thank you,
[Your Name, city, state]”

You can find your Congressman and Senators email, phone number, and mailing address here: Please take the time to contact them. We are stronger together!

As the date is unknown for the Senate vote, it is important to contact Senators Graham and Scott as soon as possible to voice your opinion to save those with disabilities from more aggravation in protecting the ADA. 

Thank you for reading this post. I appreciate your movement on this issue. They hope is that we can stop this negative view of people with disabilities from trending.