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Free Vehicle Parking

A person with a disability may park a vehicle in a metered or timed parking place
in a city without paying fees. This covers both metered parking on city streets
and spaces in parking lots and garages owned/operated by local governments.
Parking lots and garages operated by state government agencies may also
provide free parking for people with disabilities.

The law also allows parking in places where signs limit the length of time parking
is allowed, such as 2-hour limit. However, the law does NOT allow a person with
a disability to park where ALL vehicles are barred from parking (such as a sign
for "NO parking between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.")

To qualify, the person's vehicle must have a disability license plate or display a
disability placard hanging from the rearview mirror (or on the driver’s side
dashboard if it cannot be hung). SC Code Ann. Sections 56-3-1950, 1960 and

Veterans with a disability do not have to pay city parking meter fees if their
vehicles have a “disabled veteran” license plate. SC Code Ann. Section 56-5-
2585 To get this plate you need documentation from the U.S., regional, or
county Veterans Affairs certifying that you are a wartime disabled veteran who:
1) is entitled to compensation for the loss of use of one or both legs or arms, or
2) has a permanent impairment of vision in both eyes to a degree as to
constitute virtual blindness and is entitled to a special monthly statutory award
by reason thereof, or 3) is a SC veteran classified as totally and permanently
disabled due to service-connected disabilities as determined from the medical
records on file with the U.S. or county Department of Veterans Affairs.
HOWEVER, if you want to park in spaces reserved for individuals with disabilities,
SC DMV requires you also provide a physician’s statement that your disability
would qualify you for the standard SC Disabled License Plate or Placard. Then
your “disabled veteran” plate will be issued showing a wheel chair symbol as the
international disability symbol. For further information see: