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Thanks to grant funding we receive from the South Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Research Fund (SCIRF), we are able to provide individuals with spinal cord injuries research opportunities with participation options ranging from in-person trials, online surveys, telephone interviews, and direct mail surveys.  SCIRF's purpose is to promote research to develop better understanding of causes and effective treatment strategies for paralysis, sensory loss, and other consequences of spinal cord injury (SCI) and disease.  To that end, we procure these research studies monthly, and provide the information to members who have requested it through email and direct mail.


If you would like to receive research opportunities, call (803) 252-2198, email brian [at], or click the box above to fill out an online form.
To learn more about SCIRF, please click the link below.

South Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Research Fund

Local Research Study Looking for Participants

Are you new to spinal cord injury - five years or less post injury?

Do you use a wheelchair?

Confused about where to get information about living successfully with spinal cord injury?

Would you like to interact with a peer navigator with an SCI through a FREE iPad?

If you answered yes to the above questions and are 18 years or older, then click on the link below:

Current research studies available to participate in are listed below.



On-site Studies

Provide Insights to Guide SCI Research - #224-SC

AIH-induced Walking Recovery after Subacute SCI - #222-GA

Nutrition Education Study - #222-NC

C. diff Vaccine Study - #221-SC

Hollings Cancer Center Personalized Intervention Project for Smoking Cessation - #217-SC

Depression Study - #117-SC

Spinal Reflex Training Study With Incomplete Injury - #101-SC

Benefits of Nutrition Education in People with Spinal Cord Injuries - #103-NC

Dose-Response Effects of Whole Body Vibration on Spasticity and Walking in SCI - #105-GA

High Altitude Breathing Treatments and Walking Recovery After Spinal Cord Injury - #106-GA

Online Studies

WellSpect Healthcare Study - #246-ON

Discovering Provider Awareness of Assistive Technologies and Clinical Guidelines - #245-ON

Attitudes Toward Sex - #244-ON

Developing and Validating Caregiver Experience Scale - #243-ON

Language and Pain - #242-ON

GoWoman Weight Management Program for Women with Mobility Impairments - #241-ON

Online Wellness Study - #240-ON

Urinary Symptoms - #239-ON

Improve Available Assistive Mobility Technology - #238-ON

Making Healthy Eating and Active Living Opportunities More Inclusive of All People - #237-ON

Predictors of Sexual Pleasure in Individuals Living with SCI - #236-ON

SCIRE Community Website Survey - #235-ON

Workout on Wheels Internet Intervention - #234-ON

Funding for SCI Research - #233-ON

Online Transfer Training Study - #232-ON

Bladder Study Recruiting Participants with MS or SCI - #231-ON

Ostomy and/or Urological Medical Supply Survey - #229-ON

Wheelchair Technology Research Study - #228-ON

Wheelchair Spot on Planes - #227-ON

Understanding Reproductive health And Disability (URAD) - #225-ON

Food Security and Perceptions and Barriers to Healthy Eating in Individuals with SCI - #224-ON

Zest: A Psychological Health Promotion Program for Women with SCI - #237-ON

Identifying Barriers to Breast Health-Access Survey - #229-ON

Accessible Travel Survey - #225-ON

Participation in Physical Recreational Activities; Motivators and Barriers for individuals with Disabilities - #223-ON

Survey on Mobile Health Technology & Apps (mHealth) - 2017 - #214-ON

Community Culture Survey - #117-ON

Role of Mentors for People with Spinal Cord Injury - #118-ON

Barriers to Employment for People with Spinal Cord Injuries - #119-ON

Input on Spinal Cord Injury Factsheets - #107-ON

Study of Interpersonal Memory Processes - #203-ON

Happily Ever After? The Relationships & Movies Study - #204-ON

Promoting Awareness & Improving Relationships Study - #205-ON

Telephone Studies 

Diagnosing Cancer Among People with Disabilities - #127-T

MSKTC Recruiting Participants for SCI Consumer Factsheet Testing - #126-T

Improved Seated Balance Therapy - #125-T

Equity and Equality in Assistive Technology for Individuals with SCI - #124-T

PHOENIX Study on Living Well with SCI - #123-T

Registered Nurses of Individuals with SCI, TBI, and/or Burn Injury - #121-T

Participants Who Have Lived in Nursing Homes - #120-T

Post Nursing Home Experience Study - #119-T

Post-Traumatic Growth Study - #118-T

PCA or Individuals w/ PCAs - #117-T

Chronic Back Pain - #116-T

Mail-in Studies

Measuring Outcomes after Spinal Cord Injury throughout South Carolina: A System of Tracking, Research, and Referral - #112-M