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The South Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association seeks and distributes, to individuals with spinal cord injuries, research opportunities in South Carolina and around the world who are currently recruiting participation. Participation options range from in-person trials, online surveys, telephone interviews, and direct mail surveys.  To that end, we procure these research studies monthly, and provide the information to members who have requested it through email and direct mail.

If you are interested in receiving research opportunities monthly, please fill out the online form. Please note that not all research opportunities will fit each and every individual, and we do not guarantee that a research study will accept you into the study. 


If you would like to receive research opportunities, call (803) 252-2198, email brian [at], click the box above. or fill out the online form.


Research Outcomes from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

SCI Life Expectancy Calculator

SCI Fall-Related Unintentional Injury Calculator

SCI Non Fall-Related Unintentional Injury Calculator


Newsletter from MUSC Research Team (Summer 2020)

Spring 2021 SCI Outcomes Newsletter


The updates for this webpage are made possible by the Cooperative Agreement #2020 SI-01 from the South Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Research Fund. However, contents do not necessarily represent the policy of SCIRF and do not imply endorsement by the funding agency.

On-site Studies

Random Noise Stimulation to Enhance Corticomotor Drive for Improved Hand Function - #297-GA (3/2021)

Motor-Evoked Potential (MEP) Conditioning in People with Spinal Cord Injury (Brain-Spinal Cord-Muscle Response Training Study) - #268-SC (2/2021)
the link above downloads a Microsoft Word document)

Provide Insights to Guide SCI Research - #224-SC (2/2021)

High Altitude Breathing Treatments and Walking Recovery After Spinal Cord Injury - #106-GA (2/2021)

Clinical Evaluation of the Connected Catheter / Intelliflow System- Wireless Urinary Prosthesis for Management of Chronic Urinary Retention (Freedom Study) - #269-GA (2/2021)

Online Studies

Research Survey: Spinal Cord Injury Community Perspectives on Neuralink Technology - #311 ON (Recruitment ends August 31, 2021)

Self-driving cars survey - #309 ON (6/2021)

Impact of COVID-19 on individuals with Spinal Cord Injury - #308 ON (6/2021)

COVID-19 Vaccine Study - #300-ON (3/2021)

Research study for people with SCI - #306-ON (recruiting until November/December 2021)

Chatting with Friends Study - #305-ON (4/2021)

Experiences in childhood compare to your experiences as an adult - #303-ON (4/2021) 

Contextual Influences, Acceptance of Disability, and Quality of Life in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury - #301-ON (4/2021)

Study of Individual Experiences and Beliefs - #302-ON (4/2021) 

Research Study on the Connection between Work and Health - #298-ON (3/2021)

Perceptions of Risk Study - #296-ON (3/2021)

Online Memory Training Study - #295-ON (3/2021)

World Institute on Disability seeks user testing applicants -#294-ON (2/2021)

Physical Activity and COVID-19 Survey - #293-ON (2/2021)

Social Connections After Injury Study - #292-ON (Recruitment ends 5/2021)

FEAST COVID Survey - #291-ON (2/2021)

Study of awareness of social issues, work decisions, and job attainment - #290-ON (2/2021)

Peer Support Study - #289-ON (2/2021)

Writing Study - #268-ON (2/2021)

Shopping Accessibility Solutions - #267-ON (2/2021)

Survey of Unrinary Catheters - #266-ON (2/2021)

Web-based wheelchair maintenance training - #262-ON (2/2021)

Promoting Job retention with a physical disability: employer-, client-, job-, and environment-related barriers and facilitators - #263-ON (2/2021)

Measuring Caregiver Relationships in Spinal Cord Injury - #264-ON (2/2021)

 Beliefs and Life Satisfaction Survey - #265-ON (2/2021)

SPARc: Support and Participation through Adaptive Recreation Study - #260-ON (2/2021)

Tech Survey - # 258-ON (2/2021)

Bladder Management in SCI - #257-ON (2/2021)

Women's Health and Disability - Building Measurable Outcomes - #256-ON Not currently Recruiting, but will have more informaiton in the future (2/2021)

Spinal Cord Injury, Urogenital Health and Pregnancy - #255-ON (2/2021)

Seeking People with Disabilities to Take a Survey on Wireless Device User Experiences - #251- ON (2/2021)

ADA Impact Survey - #250-ON (2/2021)

Quality of Life Survey - #249-ON (2/2021)

Health E-Heart Studies - #246-ON (2/2021)

Developing and Validating Caregiver Experience Scale - #243-ON (2/2021)

Making Healthy Eating and Active Living Opportunities More Inclusive of All People - #237-ON (2/2021)

Online Transfer Training Study - #232-ON (2/2021)

Ostomy and/or Urological Medical Supply Survey - #229-ON (2/2021)

Wheelchair Spot on Planes - #227-ON (2/2021)

Participation in Physical Recreational Activities; Motivators and Barriers for individuals with Disabilities - #223-ON (2/2021)

Survey on Mobile Health Technology & Apps (mHealth) - 2017 - #214-ON (2/2021)

Role of Mentors for People with Spinal Cord Injury - #118-ON (2/2021)

Barriers to Employment for People with Spinal Cord Injuries - #119-ON (2/2021)

Study of Interpersonal Memory Processes - #203-ON (2/2021)

Happily Ever After? The Relationships & Movies Study - #204-ON (2/2021)

Promoting Awareness & Improving Relationships Study - #205-ON (2/2021)

Telephone Studies

Caregiver Research Study in Sourh Carolina - #312-T

Telehealth Pain Self-Management for Employed Adults (E-TIPS) - #295-T (3/2021)

Disability and Adulthood - #131-T (2/2021) This study is recruiting through June 2021

Community Wellness Study - #129-T (2/2021)

Non-drug Treatment for Chronic Pain in SCI - #128-T (2/2021)

Mail-in Studies

Measuring Outcomes after Spinal Cord Injury throughout South Carolina: A System of Tracking, Research, and Referral - #112-M (2/2021)