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Portable Ramps

These aluminum portable ramps can be used on steps, patios, mini-vans, and more. They are 30 inches wide, compatible with almost any standard wheelchair, scooter or walker and support up to 800 pounds.We have ramps in 4-foot and 6-foot lengths, which can be borrowed for up to one month. To purchase: 4-Foot Ramp: $179, 6-Foot Ramp: $269 





Sand Rider Custom beach Wheelchair

The Sand Rider off-road custom beach wheelchair is light and durable and easy to push even in deep sand. The chair can also be used on gravel, trails, grassy fields, swampy areas or snow. It can be disassembled for transport and storage and can even fit in a small car trunk. The beach wheelchair can be reserved for a weekend or up to one week. Base Retail Cost Without Accessories: $2,280 through









Grip Lap board

The GRIP Lap Board is a unique non-slip device. A stable platform with non-slip material on both sides, the Lap Board is ideal for transporting items such as hot foods, drinks, electronics, school and work materials, and many other items used while performing daily activities.

GRIP is a not a tacky surface. It will fit comfortably on an individual’s lap or can easily be carried by hand all while keeping items securely in place. It can be purchased for $38.95 at






Commute2 Hands-Free Dialing & Texting Kit

Make and receive phone calls without the need to touch a phone using the BlueAnt COMMUTE2 kit. Just say "Launch Voice Control" and let the COMMUTE2 do the rest.

While advertised for use in the car, this can also be an invaluable piece of equipment for a quadriplegic to use at home, especially when in bed without a caregiver present. It can be purchased at for $60.





The Para Ladder™ Manual Lift

The Para Ladder is a manual lift that enables wheelchair users to safely achieve a floor transfer unassisted. The lightweight aluminum frame is weather resistant and has up to a 300-pound capacity. The Para Ladder sells for 









To borrow a piece of equipment, contact the

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